Autopolis Motor Race Circuit


The journey to Autopolis along quiet country lanes, past carefully tended farmhouse gardens through the picturesque valley-riven, deeply forested countryside in the west of Oita is an unassuming precursor to the largest motor race track in west Japan. Cresting a rise the roar of superbikes and sports cars reverberates suddenly around the surrounding lush and verdant mountains. Only after passing through the entrance does the size of the circuit at Autopolis become apparent.

Although the circuit no longer meets the requirements for Formula 1, for which it was first built, Autopolis' 4.7km track is used today for Japan’s Super GT, Super Formula events and MFJ Superbike. On non-scheduled event days, it is open to two-wheel or four-wheel petrol-head enthusiasts, whether semi-professional or amateur, who wish to test their mettle.

Japan, 大分県Hita, Kamitsuemachi Kaminoda, 1112−8, AUTOPOLIS

At a glance

A top-class race circuit in the centre of Kyushu.

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