Soba Cafe Yuhi


Soba Cafe Yuhi takes its name from the glorious sunsets, which here bask the placid waters of the Seto Inland Sea, and also the soba buckwheat noodle dishes that crowns its menu. The husband and wife team owners have created a popular seaside haven where delicious light meals, provided with a low-key friendly service, are complemented by marine vistas throughout the day and into the evening.

Tasty and nutritional hot and cold soba noodles, which are hand-prepared in view of customers, are supplemented with Oita favourites toriten and karaage fried chicken, and mategai razor shell. The latter, which are freshly harvested from the shallow seas immediately in front of the cafe, are served steamed in sake or grilled with butter. Desserts, which are western-style, include waffles, chocolate cakes and affogato ice cream drowned in an espresso coffee.

Soba Cafe Yuhi’s veranda is a great place to dine at or relax over the coffee while enjoying the views over the Seto Inland Sea to Yamaguchi Prefecture on Honshu, Japan’s principal island. On a windy day, kiteboarders put on energetic and acrobatic displays as they zip across the waves at speed. On calmer days, SUP stand up paddle boarders gently dawdle to and fro, while at low tide locals scoop up razor shells. The cafe rents out SUP boards, and buckets and spades for anyone who wants to join in.

On sunny evenings, any visitor marvels as the sun wanes picturesquely over the sea, definitely a time to capture the scene with a camera and also splice the mainbrace by enjoying a drink from the cafe’s bar.

Japan, 大分県豊後高田市Usuno, 5125 真玉海岸

At a glance

Coffee and light meals whilke enjoying spectacular sunsets over the Seto Inland Sea.

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