African Safari


At the largest wildlife park in west Japan an exotic and exciting experience is provided for children through to adults alike in the heart of Oita. Visitors come into close – literally eye-to-eye - but safe proximity of a range of the world’s animals including lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes, cheetahs, hyenas and rhinoceros. Opportunities to feed some of these great beasts can be combined with petting some much smaller and less ferocious ones such as loris, squirrel monkeys and hedgehogs. Most recently, a rare white tiger born at the park, has grown into a young adult and begun to make appearances.

Drive through the wildlife enclosures either in your own car, or ride one of the distinctive and fun Jungle Buses, coaches that have seemingly metamorphosed into giant motorised versions of some of the Park’s residents. In the Jungle Buses the tables are turned; humans are carefully caged in while the animals free to roam their wide domain.

Japan, Oita, Usa, Ajimumachi Minamihata, 2−1755-1 アフリカンサファリ

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A great wildlife adventure for the family.

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