Climate & Seasons


Oita Prefecture has climate characterised by hot, humid summers, with mild but chilly winters. Daily mean temperatures range from 27C (81F) in summer months to 6C (43.8F) mid-winter. Highs in summer can reach 37C (97F) and winter lows can reach -7C (20F).

Oita’s coastal areas are warmer than its mountainous interior during winter by up to 5C. Palm trees line the main streets of Beppu but in Yufuin, a 30 minute drive away inland, deciduous trees associated with a hardier climate thrive. Conversely, in summer and further into the interior around, for example, Hita are recorded some of the highest temperatures.

Precipitation is greatest during the summer months. Snow can fall across the whole prefecture, although it is infrequently heavy and, generally, precipitation is at its lowest level during this season. In coastal areas any snow normally disappears within a few hours. However, in the interior especially at higher elevations snow may remain on the ground for extended periods of up to a week or more. For current weather forecasts please visit JNTO's Japan Weather Forecast for Travelers.


In common with much of the rest of Japan, Oita has four, northern-hemisphere seasons plus a subset; the rainy season in early summer.