Any gourmet passionate about fish has to make the journey to Saiki, which boasts the widest range of fresh fish found anywhere in Japan. Lying off the intricate coast of Saiki is the Bungo Channel, a nutrient-rich body of water, where waters ebbing and flowing between the placid Seto Inland Sea and the surging Pacific Ocean combine with fresh water flowing from the Banjo River, which rises in Saiki’s verdant, mountainous hinterland. The Channel’s fast currents together with the eddies created along Saiki’s long and intricate coastline, provide a rich habit for a plethora of fish. Over 50 varieties are counted at Saiki’s fish markets each year including kabosu buri yellowtail, a cultivated delicacy raised on another Oita speciality, the kabosu citrus fruit.

Some of the first to be served at Saiki’s fish markets are the local master chefs, who with the freshest and choicest fish and honed skills, have made the area renowned for its sushi. Fuku Sushi and Sushimoto rate amongst the best restaurants in town.

Japan, Oita, 佐伯市

At a glance

In a nation known for its seafood, Saiki is a pescatorial paradise.

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