Oita International Wheelchair Marathon


The Oita International Wheelchair Marathon, which began in 1981 in commemoration of the International Year of the Disabled, is a top international event and the first of its kind for competitors only using wheelchairs. Officially recognised by the International Paralympic Committee, the Marathon attracts top male and female athletes from around the world as well as Japan and over the years they have set many world records. Held in November each year, the 2019 race attracted 210 entrants including 48 overseas athletes representing 17 nations.

The wheelchairs, which are hi-tech machines made of titanium and carbon fibre, are propelled by the top athletes at speeds in access of 30km/h on the flat and 50km/h or more on descents. At these speeds a full marathon course of 42.195km is completed rapidly; the Oita International Wheelchair Marathon course record stands at one hour, 20 minutes and 14 seconds.

Japan, Oita, 大分市

At a glance

Annual wheelchair marathon through the streets of Oita attracting athletes from around the world.

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