The exterior clean, white modernist architectural lines of Sousou-An are an eye-catching anomaly in the rural Kunisaki Peninsula. Yet these walls delineate within a completely contrasting interior, one that is a riot of colourful period French posters, antique lights and cutlery, objet d’art, mirrors, stained glass, chrome, ceramics and Jazz album covers. A veritable feast for the eyes.

Sousou-An is a chic and eclectic Jazz cafe, the retirement project of a husband and wife couple who moved to the Kunisaki Peninsula after a long entrepreneurial career in catering, architecture and interior design. The dandily attired proprietor keeps front of house chatting with customers who are all seated along a counter in front of him, brewing coffee and playing his beloved Jazz music, which radiates from giant speakers - legendary JBL 4435 studio monitors. Meanwhile, his wife conjures up delicious and filling pasta and doria Japanese-style rice gratin dishes, and satisfying desserts including cinnamon baked apple and ice cream.

Behind the counter are lined up a large number of cups and saucers. Each of different design and colours, customers choose one to suit their character and mood with which to savour a freshly brewed coffee. A select range of porcelain is set aside solely for those rounding off their meal with a Blue Mountain roast.

Sousou-An is near to Oita Airport and a popular destination. As seating is limited booking is advised.

Sousou-An, 1433 Akimachi Shimobaru, Kunisaki, Oita, Japan

At a glance

A stylish and eclectically furnished cafe in rural Kunisaki.

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