Mamenomonya’s wife and husband team moved from Oita City to pursue their dream of owning a restaurant in the bucolic countryside of Ota village in Kitsuki. They brought life back to a long-discarded cottage converting it into an elegantly rustic and welcoming restaurant. Here they prepare and serve farmhouse dishes with a modern twist that draw heavily on fresh ingredients from the surrounding rice paddies and fields of Ota and the wider Kunisaki Peninsula.

A greatly welcome addition to the local community, Mamenomonya has quickly garnered a deserved following across Oita and northern Kyushu. Mamenomonya opens on Thursday through to Sunday and, as it is small, booking is recommended.

Mameno Monya, 244 Otaono, Kitsuki, Oita, Japan

At a glance

A rustic and delicious cafe in the countryside of the Kunisaki Peninsula.

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