Himeshima Beach


Himeshima is a homely island and, amongst other attractive qualities, sports one of the nicest and least visited beaches in all Oita. The ferry from Imi on the Kunisaki Peninsula’s north coast arrives in only 20 minutes at Himeshima’s port, which is cheek-by-jowl with the island’s main settlement. A short walk from here lies Himeshima Kaisui-yokujo, a beautifully tended wide, sandy beach that stretches out in a large arc. Behind, towers the island’s sole mountain, Yahazu-dake, and looking south back over the Seto Inland Sea to Imi are the best views from anywhere of the Kunisaki Peninsula.

Japan, Oita, 姫島村

At a glance

One of Oita's many attractive beaches on the quiet island of Himeshima.

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