Doshinkaiki Farm


For a whimsically playful time head to the high foothills of the Kuju mountains and the expansive rolling grasslands of Doshinkaiki Farm. While organic vegetables, blueberries, grapes and chickens are raised here, the farm’s central aim is on cultivating the innocent childlike spirit in all of us.

The couple behind Doshinkaiki, which literal means ‘return to a child’s heart’, have backgrounds in farming, child education and hospitality, and they are dab hands at creating an environment that is entrancing and joyful. Dotted across their farm are hobbit-like one-room cottages, a quaint wooden railway, swings, suspension bridge, zip lines, tree house and grass slide. At the farm’s highest point are expansive 360 degree views to the Kuju Renzan massif, Mt. Aso, Mt. Sobo and beyond.

Each year, this energetic couple add another intriguing feature during the winter break. During their open season, from early spring to late autumn, they can be found warmly welcoming all visitors in and around the ‘Salon’, a cafe serving pizza and pasta.

Japan, Oita, 竹田市

At a glance

Open-air adventure for the young and young at heart in the highlands of Taketa.

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