Umeshu-gura Oyama


Umeshu-gura Oyama, which combines a boutique umeshu plum winery and ume plum emporium, is heaven for any ume aficionado. Deep in Hita’s ume orchard countryside and aside the elegant Ume-Hibiki hotel, Umeshu-gura sells a wide range of ume produce besides the flavoursome umeshu plum wine, a very drinkable liqueur, including umeboshi pickled plums - a stable of Japanese cuisine, ume-flavoured cakes and biscuits, and ume teas.

After building up a thirst watching the bottling process and viewing the cellar, where premium umeshu is aged in wooden barrels, visit the tasting bar to sample some of the winery's ume wines. These include award winning varieties and also some other unique umeshu tipples blended with kabosu citrus, prune and rose.

Japan, Oita, Hita, Oyamamachi Nishioyama, 4587 梅酒蔵おおやま

At a glance

A boutique prize winning umeshu winery adjacent to the wonderful Ume-Hibiki hotel.

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