Kijima Kogen Amusement Park


Ranging from the thrilling to the benign, the entertainment at Kijima caters for all the family. The park’s 25-hectare site is dominated by Jupiter, a 1,600 metre long wooden roller coaster on which cars speed around its tightly twisting tracks up to 91kph and reach a height of 42 metres. In Jupiter’s shadow Kijima’s 37 other amusements include the Newton drop tower, which provides a 40-metre free-fall for those with a hardy stomach; the 30 metre-high Poseidon 30 sheer drop water splash; the innocent-looking but terrifying Kijima-ru pendulum ride; and the soaring Birdman, which repeatedly flings its riders high into the sky before sending them on low level, high-speed passes just metres above the ground.

Amusements for youngsters and those who prefer a more gentle time include the Merry-Go-Round carousel; Ferris Wheel; Kiddy Plane, Convoy and Seastone Burn rides; Plateau Train; and Patgolf 18-hole putting course. Energetic youngsters test their mettle on the Mission 7 K-Stadium obstacle course, their shooting accuracy in VR+, and their motoring skills at the Kid’s Driving School. A large pool area provides respite from the summer’s heat and in winter it is transformed into an ice rink.

Japan, Oita, Beppu, Higashiyama, 城島高原パーク

At a glance

The Jupiter wooden roller coaster is just one of many thrilling attractions at Kijima Kogen, which also provides amusements suitable for all ages.

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