Comico Art House Yufuin


Comico Art Museum Yufuin is the core of a small cluster of buildings that resonate wonderfully together with a Japanese sense of calm attention to detail. Comico’s architect, the lauded Kengo Kuma, wanted to reflect the rural village-like scale of Yufuin and, besides the art galleries, also created Comico Art House Yufuin; two small detached villas within the museum grounds.

Each villa is self-contained with interiors that explore the beauties of Japanese sensibilities through traditional and modern materials and their interrelation with the each villas’ intimate garden. These gardens also afford carefully curated views of Mt. Yufu-dake, which are especially splendid when soaking in the open-air onsen hot spring baths.

Any aficionado of art and architecture will relish the beautifully rendered spaces these villas offer. They are also ideal for anyone seeking a high degree of privacy. Only self-catering is available but meals can be provided from any one of the many restaurants available throughout Yufuin.

Japan, Oita, Yufu, Yufuincho Kawakami, 2995-1, comico art house yufuin

At a glance

A study in Japanese architecture at its best creating one of Oita's most private and exclusive places to stay.

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