Rokugo-Manzan Light Up Celebration

Oita Rokugo Lightup

The 1,300 year anniversary of Rokugo-Manzan, the esoteric religious group combining Buddhist, Shinto and folk beliefs, is celebrated in autumn 2018 with son et lumière shows at Usa Jingu and shrines and temples throughout the Kunisaki Peninsula. Events begin at Choan-ji and then held in turn at Tennen-ji, Usa Jingu, Reisen-ji, Futago-ji, Senpuku-ji, Monjusen-ji, Fuki-ji, Kumano-Magaibutsu, Yahata-gu and Ganjoju-ji.

Rokugo-Manzan Light Up is held from 28th October to 9th December each weekend and on public holidays.

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