Oita Sake

Commonly known in Japan as nihonshu, sake, which is fermented from rice, is widely recognised around the world as a distinctly Japanese drink. Although the cooler more northerly climes of Japan are well-known for their sake, Oita has a number of smaller, boutique breweries that produce high quality sakes that should not be missed. In contrast to the generally sweeter varieties found Japan’s north, Oita’s sakes provide a mostly cleaner, drier taste.

Breweries open to the public include:

  • Takakiya (Bungo-Ono)
  • Chiebijin (Kitsuki)
  • Nishi-no-seki (Kunisaki City)
  • Senbazuru (Taketa)
  • Kuncho (Hita)
  • Yatsushika (Kuju)


Many breweries also distill shochu, the drink Kyushu as a whole is famed for.

At a glance

The popular libation to the kami, Japan's gods.

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