Midoriso Nada Beach House

Midoriso Nata Beach

Midoriso Nada Beach House has a fantastic location in a pine forest only a few steps from the extensive sands of Nada Beach aside the Seto Inland Sea. Its closest neighbour is the atmospheric and historic Nada Hachiman Shrine. The shrine’s vermillion torii shrine gate standing on rocks off the coast makes the already lovely scenery here that extra special.

The proprietors, a husband and wife team, have lovingly refurbishing a long disused building as living quarters for themselves and also as comfortable and relaxed self-catering backpacker accommodation. Given its prime location, it is extraordinary to know that the building had stood empty for many years. Yet the life they have recently breathed back into it has already proven popular with guests and also the locals, who are only too happy to see the lights back on and with that a new vigour being brought to their seaside hamlet.

Having spent a long time living and working aside the sea in Florida and California, the host is used to savouring the beach life to the full and it shines through not only in his relaxed friendliness but also the activities available. These include stand up paddle boarding, and he is always happy to accompany visitors out on the boards especially as the early morning sun rises gloriously over the shrine’s torii gates. Back on land, a leisurely time can be whiled away enjoying barbecues and siestas in hammocks all set against the backdrop of waves gently lapping on the beach.

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