Maruni Maru

Saiki is rightly famed for the quality and variety of the seafood caught off its intricate coast of peninsulas and bays and one of the main centres of the fishing industry is in Kamae at Nishinoura, close to the southerly extent of the municipality. Fishing is the mainstay of the economy here and has long proved profitable for the local community. Shoko Miura is the matriarch of Maruni Fisheries, one of the leading companies dealing in marine products. Shoko’s slight figure belies her powerful spirit and together with her three sons she oversees a thriving business, which traditionally centres around uni sea urchin, oysters, hiogi clams, sazae and tokobushi shellfish, awabi abalone, and ise-ebi lobsters. These are sent to markets around Japan and direct to consumers.

They also provide accommodation, Maruni-Maru, in three separate locations all by the sea in the immediate area, including one at their company headquarters. Meals, of course are a feast of the freshest seafood including their specialties listed above. Breakfast can be eaten on their dock looking out over the jetty to the sea beyond, and all the while her staff provide a warm and chatter welcome as they go to and fro about their work sorting and grading freshly landed sazae, oysters and more. Unusually, ise-ebi from their own hatcheries can be eaten here out of season.

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