Tsurumisaki v2

Travelling on a cycle, motor bike or car and then pitching a tent for the night or exploring in a recreational vehicles have never been major leisure activities in Japan on the scale found in many other countries. Nevertheless, this is changing not least because more overseas visitors want to explore off-the-beaten-track at their own pace and, in the last decade, a small but growing number of Japanese have come to enjoy making their way in their own time to the furthest reaches of Japan in the same fashion.

Common to most parts of the world, camping sites tend to be outside of towns and deeper into the countryside. Although they are often far from the usual conveniences of town they provide a delightful way to spend time in places that may not have much else in the way of other accommodation open to the public.

Some of Oita's lesser-known camping sites include:

Hatotsu beach
Tsurumisaki Lighthouse