Ise-ebi Spiny Lobster Festival


Oita Prefecture is replete with a wide range of delicious foods from its mountains, rivers, fields and seas, and the ise-ebi spiny lobster is, undoubtedly, a crowning glory in this gastronomic wealth. Ise-ebi spiny lobster, which are also known as langouste and rock lobster, find an ideal habitat along Saiki’s intricate coastline of sheltered bays and peninsulas, which is fed by the deep blue and fertile Kuroshio sea current. In these same waters also thrive awabi abalone, uni sea urchin, hiogi scallops, hirame flounder, aji horse mackerel, saba mackerel, buri yellowtail, sazae turban shell, iwagaki rock oysters along with a plethora of other fish, shell fish and seaweeds.

Ise-ebi are in their prime during autumn and each year between early September and late November Saiki celebrates, along with neighbouring Nobeoka in Miyazaki Prefecture, their arrival off the fishing boats with a season-long festival. Thousands flock from far and wide to enjoy their delicate flavour at 29 specialist restaurants and inns strung along this spectacular coastline.

Saiki, Oita, Japan

At a glance

A autumn gourmet delicacy.

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