Taketa History & Culture Museum


The Taketa History & Culture Museum is a must visit for anyone interested in the history of Oka-jo, Taketa’s fascinating castle, the city’s vibrant culture and art, or architecture. Opened in 2021, it is one of the most recent commissions completed by Kengo Kuma, one of Japan’s leading architects, in Oita.

Permanent displays on Oka-jo Castle and Taketa’s history are complemented with regular exhibitions by the 50 or so local artists and craft workers, including bamboo artist Hajime Nakatomi, 3D pigment artist Ryoji Maeda, and sculptor Takaya Mori.

The Hall of Taketa City Historical Culture (English page https://okajou.jp/en/culturalhall/), 2083 Taketa, Oita, Japan

At a glance

Taketa's history and cultural museum created by Kengo Kuma, architect of Japan's 2020 Olympic stadium.

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