Tajimaya Roho


Not only does Tajimaya produce the best wagashi confectionary in Oita, its delicious products undoubtedly count amongst the best in Japan. After learning his trade at Fushimi near Kyoto, at the invite of Oka-jo castle’s daimyo lord Tajimaya Kosuke moved to Taketa and established his emporium in 1804, making it the oldest shop of its type in Oita. Ever since, Tajimaya has been providing wagashi, which are commonly used in the tea ceremony, to aficionados in Oita and beyond.

Tajimaya’s wide range of exquisitely presented sweets are made by hand and include classic standards as well as seasonal specials. However, it is mostly known for its Mikasano and Ara-no-jo morsels, which literally melt in the mouth.

Tajimaya’s elegant, traditional shop, found in Taketa’s old town centre, also includes a café to sample its wagashi washed down with macha green tea or coffee.

竹田市 但馬や

At a glance

An elegant, traditional Japanese shop that has been making and selling delightful wagashi Japanese sweets since 1804.

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