Kana’s Kitchen at RecaD


For a restaurant that has a long and complicated name, the dishes here are a celebration of their constituent ingredients brought together in a subtle and uncomplicated fashion. Kana, who provides a wonderfully Japanese interpretation of Italian cuisine, runs her establishment single-handedly with a quiet artistic sensibility drawing, undoubtedly, on her student origins in art school.

Kana takes pains to source all ingredients from local small-scale growers across the length and breadth of Taketa and its immediate surroundings. She even goes out of her way to bottle potable hot spring water and bring it back for use in her cooking. The dedication to her work is apparent and the results are always a sumptuously simple meal. Not surprisingly, Kana’s Kitchen is popular with both locals and visitors, and booking is recommended for either lunch or dinner.

Japan, Oita, Taketa, Taketamachi, 498 Kana’s kitchen at RecaD(カナズキッチン アット リカド)

At a glance

Deliciously simple and tasty Italian-style cuisine with a Japanese artistic twist.

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