Kitsuki Terrace


Kitsuki Terrace is a recent addition to the seafood barbecuing establishments, popular with locals and visitors alike, that are found strung out along much of Oita’s coastline. Kitsuki Terrace, however, has brought a modern flare to its surroundings and combines traditional seafood ingredients with meat sausages and a range of side dishes and deserts to satisfy most palates.

Sited on the coast adjacent to Sumiyoshihama, Kitsuki Terrace provides panoramic views across the sea to enjoy as you cook up your meal over a charcoal grill. Ingredients each day vary according to season and what is available at market but typically include oysters, scallops, clams, black tiger prawns, kuruma shrimp and squid. Corn-on-the-cob and baked potatoes add some bulk to the grill, and kamameshi steamed rice dishes are available with a wide variety of seafood toppings to make the meal a substantial affair. A variety of fruit smoothies, parfait desserts, tapioca puddings and ice cream complete the whole.

Kitsuki Terrace is a project by a non-profit organisation that supports those with physical and mental impairments to lead productively fulfilling and empowering lives. It is certainly a tasty and friendly destination. It is also a short drive to Oita Airport making it an ideal spot to dine at either after arrival or prior to departure by airplane. It is very popular and bookings are recommended.

Japan, Oita, Kitsuki, Morie, 4785 KITSUKI TERRACE (キツキテラス)

At a glance

A popular modern seafood emporium in Kitsuki aside the Seto Inland Sea.

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