Gallery Kan


Although its name may suggests otherwise, Gallery Kan provides exclusive private gourmet experiences. In a village on a rise overlooking Beppu Bay, the owners have turned a wing of their home into a cosy and discreet dining room open to only two parties of diners each day, one at midday and one in the evening. They relate this is the only way they can infuse their deliciously composed, full-course cuisine with all their effort and indulge each of their customers with complete attention. After dessert is served, the wife, who was once a professional pianist and singer, will, on request, add a musical finale to the proceedings. Necessarily, booking is the only way to gain entry to Gallery Kan.

Japan, Oita, Hiji, Oga, 4012-4 ギャラリーKAN

At a glance

Discreet and attentive private dining.

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