Okamotoya Jigokumushi


Simple gastronomy meets fast food service at Okamotoya, the home of jigokumushi steamed dishes cooked in the 'hells' of Beppu’s Myoban Onsen. Okamoto specialises in modest but devilishly delicious dishes cooked in sulphorous vapours. Here, eggs are fundamental to most dishes on the menu including Okamotoya’s signature dish jigokumushi purin caramel pudding, a skillfully understated combination of creamy light sweetness and mild bitterness. Other popular items include egg sandwiches and ontama hard and soft-boiled eggs. The latter are also available served over udon wheat noodles or rice. Ontama onegiri lead a range of differently flavoured rice balls, and toriten, Oita’s chicken tempura delicacy, brings the eggs back to their origins - or is it vice-versa. Jigokumushi purin come in other flavours, including coffee, and are also incorporated into a range of desserts, including parfait and ice cream.

Everyday, not surprisingly, a steady stream of locals and visitors make their way to Okamotoya to dine in its cafe overlooking a Myoban steaming hell, or for takeaway. Beware of the hells and also popular items selling out later in the day.

Okamotoya, 3組 明礬 Beppu, Oita, Japan

At a glance

Steamed chicken and egg delicacies from Myoban Onsen's steaming hells.

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